Whipped Sugar Scrubs

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Oh em gee!!! ...… yeah, that's exactly what you'll be repeating. Try to keep it down...or not. Enjoy it, loves! These scrubs lather like a soap, exfoliate like a scrub, and moisturize like a lotion!

Mermaid Treasures - fruity with a strong iced pear overtone

Starry Night - absolute citrus bliss


Mud Scrub - activated charcoal and rose clay in an essential oil/fragrance oil blend of soothing scents. Great for face, too!

Namaste Chill - the most invigorating peppermint and eucalyptus 

Cherry Almond - the perfect blend of cherry and almond

Fruit Loops - the name says it all - it's Fruit Loops, y'all

Birthday Cake - If this was edible, it'd be gone 

Espresso Yourself - Coffee grounds and caffeine extract make this an incredible scrub that temporarily tightens and lessens the appearance of cellulite. Smells just like some luscious hazelnut coffee

Love Spell - amazing fruity and sweet concoction (dupe of VS Love Spell) 

Cotton Candy - the sweet candy confection in a scrub