Coconut Milk & Sea Salt Sugared Grapefruit

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Sea Salt bars! Let’s talk about them! My initial thought was salt bars... 🤔 wouldn’t that be drying? Butttt.... the things you learn! Sea salt is a natural humectant! It draws moisture to the skin. So, it’s this little exfoliating powerhouse that flushes out your pores, expels toxins, and promotes new skin growth. It’s full of minerals that are so beneficial to your skin: magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, and more. It restores your skins natural pH and can help reduce inflammation and fight acne causing bacteria. And because sea salt inhibits lather, as a soapmaker you formulate the recipe differently to ensure more oils aren’t bound to the lye ... thus, giving you a more creamy, luxurious bar. Add in some pure coconut milk and dangggggg!! Soooo.... drying? Nope. Luxurious? Heck, yeah.