Beard Oil

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Facial hair needs a little extra care. That's where beard oil comes in. Because of the initial itching of growing a beard, your skin underneath can become very irritated. Beard oil pulls double duty here. Not only does it serve as a moisturizer for your beard itself, but it also soothes the skin below. When applied to the beard and worked in, the oils reach down the individual hairs to reduce the itching and discomfort many encounter in the first few months of growth. Beard oil is also great for beard-ruff ..which is basically dandruff on your face. Using the oils at night can combat waking up with morning flakes. Southern Girl Soaps only uses the best of oils to ensure your beard and skin beneath are as heathy and comfortable as they deserve to be!

Oils come in a glass, amber bottle to protect against UV rays for light sensitive contents.

4 Scent Selections:

Bartender: Think bourbon with a shot of warm, spicy apples. This scent makes me swoon. Yeah, baby!

Date Night: Need to show up with a little more spring in your step? Try this dupe of the popular Fierce cologne.  It's a fresh citrus aroma with a warm musky undertone and full on seductive power.

Superman: The perfect Bleu de Channel dupe! 

Directions: Use a only a few drops and massage deeply into beard. Don't forget your skin beneath!

Ingredients: Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Fragrance oil